Abimukeswarar Temple is situated on the eastern bank of the Mahamaham tank, Kumbakonam. The presiding deity of the temple, Linga, is known as Abimukeswarar. His consort is known as Amirthavalli. Abimukeswarar Temple is dedicated to Shiva located at Kumbakonam, This is one of the 12 Shiva temples connected with Mahamaham festival which happens once in 12 years in Kumbakonam. Other temples are Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Kumbeswarar Temple, Nageswara Temple, Someswarar Temple, Koteeswarar Temple, Kahahasteeswarar Temple, Gowthameswarar Temple, Amirthakalasanathar Temple, Banapuriswarar Temple, Kambatta Visvanathar Temple and Ekambareswarar Temple. This temple is located on the eastern bank of the Mahamaham tank, Kumbakonam. The temple is 500 – 1000 years old. The moolavar presiding deity is found in his manifestation as Abimukeswarar. Shiva turned around, while Nava kanniyar river goddess came there, enabling them to give darshan to them. So he is called as Abimukeswarar. His consort, Parvati, is known as Amirthavalli. The sacred tree of this temple is Gooseberry. Sani Bhagwan of this temple is taller than the other 8 planets in the Navagraga shrine.