Annamalaiyar Temple is located at the foot of the sacred Tiruvannamalai Hills.  Arunachaleshwara Temple, It is located in an area of 25 acres, with nine lofty Towers, encompassed with several shrines, mandapas and other enclosures decorated with finely and aesthetically carved pillars and sculptures. Inscriptions on the walls of this temple date back to the period between 10th and 16th century. The temple is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalams, means the manifestation of five natural elements land, water, air, sky or fire. Annamalaiyar is said to have manifested himself as an element of FIRE in this Temple. The myth goes like this: Arunachaleswara rose into a massive column of fire, whose crown and feet could not be traced either by Brahma or Vishnu, indicating God is an incarnation without beginning or an end. The special days this temple town attracts millions of pilgrims are Girivalam or Giri pradakshinam on the occasion of the full moon day every month when lakhs of devotees circumambulate 14 Km foothill path around the hill. The other festival is the Karthigai Deepam, celebrated on the full moon day in the Tamil month of KARTHIGAI [November and December]. Grand and Huge Deepam is lit atop the Annamalaiyar Hill is visible from several kilometres around the Hill. This festival records convergence of more than three million pilgrims in this town.