Ashtabuja Perumal Temple Deviating from the normal posture with four arms, Lord Vishnu is in standing posture with 8 arms called as Ashtabuja Perumal. The temple is one of the 108 Divyadesams of Perumal. A separate Mangalasasanam [hymns] is addressed to Goddess by Azhwar only in this temple. History Says Lord Brahma felt sad that He was not respected with idol worship on earth as to other Lords and organised a great yajna to realise His wish.  He left Mother Saraswathi.  Mother Saraswathi sent some powerful demons to stop the yajna.  Brahma too prayed to Lord Vishnu to protect Him from the enemies.  Lord Vishnu appeared there with 8 hands “Ashtabhuja” Perumal drove away from the demons and the Kaali following and helped Brahma complete His yajna successfully. Here Perumal is holding discus, sword, flower and an arrow in His right 4 hands, conch, bow, armour and club in the left four hands.  The entrance and Sorgavasal in Perumal temples are generally in different directions.  Both are facing north in this temple, a special feature. Another legend associates this temple to Gajendra moksha given by Vishnu to the elephant king Gajendra. As per the legend, the elephant Gajendra used to worship Vishnu with the lotus fetched from the temple tank every day. Once while picking up lotus, a crocodile caught the leg of Gajendra, who started calling the name of Vishnu for help. Vishnu sent his discus to punish the crocodile and relieve the elephant.