Hazrat Nather Vali Darga Nathar Vali (died 1225 CE) was a Sufi saint and among the first Sufis to bring Islam to South India and Sri Lanka. He came to Tirchy in the 11th century, his shrine which according to legend is atop the grave of the three-headed Hindu demon Tiriasuran whom Nathar killed. Even though he was the sultan, he was having no attachment to pleasures of royal life of pomp and splendor right from his early age. He descended from his throne crowing his brother, Syed Jalaudeen and undertook holy pilgrimage for propagation of Allah’s glory according to Islamic tenets. He was a unmarried saint came to India along with 900 pupils to spread Sufi Islam. During this time, he is said to have performed miracles. Nathar Vali died on the 15th of the month of Ramdan in Hijiri 417. This date is commemorated as his Urs (death-day), and the first 17 days of Ramadan are celebrated in his honor, by Muslims, Christians, and Hindus, one the eve of the Kanduri festival, where they seek his blessings. Nathar Vali’s name and title is variously rendered as Nathar Wali, Natharuddin, Baba-e-Nathar Sarmast Tabl-e-Aalam Dhool Samandar and Syed Sha Mutaheruddin Suhrawardy. Baba Natharvali has occupied a unique position in the ranks of the Islamic saints of the world. He was named as Muthaharudeen at first. He was in Hijiri 347 in one of the idle Eastern countries. Hazrat Tabre Aalam Baadsha Nathar Vali (R.A) of Tirchy Tamil Nadu