ISKON Madurai Radha Mathurapathi temple is about 2 km from the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.The temple is modern in its design and architecture and has a large marble-laid prayer hall, Lord Krishna is the main deity at all the Iskcon temples. He is depicted along with his childhood friend, Radha as Sri Sri Radha Mathurapathi. The sculpture is exquisite and the deity portrayed in black, and not blue like usually seen in other Krishna temples. The pair has been portrayed based on the medieval ideologies which give significant emphasis on her role in Lord Krishna’s life. Aimed to increase awareness and devotion towards the deity the temple organizes lectures on Krishna from time to time. Temples of ISKCON especially that like Radha Mathurapathi temple usually serve as prayer and meditation centers for the common people. In 2010 the Radha Mathurapathi temple served as one of the stops for the South India Yathra organized by ISKCON. The procession was accompanied by many devotees and priests.