Ramana Ashram Raman Maharishi, the 20th-century saint lived here and taught simple Ramana Ashram way of life. This Ashram developed and maintained by Sri Ramana Maharishi’s disciples attracts tourists from all over the world. Sri Ramana Maharishi [1879 – 1950] is a 20th Century Saint. He was named as Venkatraman by his parents; Enlightened in the year 1986 at the age of 16 soon attracted devotees into his cult. His simple and effective meditation practices and divine sermons to understand humanity and divinity attracted devotees. They grew in numbers and strength as the days and years passed by and started addressing him as Maharishi. He attained Mukti in the year 1950. Kandashramam, where Ramana Maharishi meditated during his earlier days is on the Girivalam path.