Santhome Basilica St. Thomas was one of the twelve legendary apostles who had been with Jesus. Each apostle except for one had taken the assignment of spreading the word of Jesus at different parts of the world. St. Thomas was the apostle who had taken up as a missionary to India and china. St. Thomas is one of the apostle who doubted Jesus to have risen from death and asked for proof. After St.Thomas touched the wounds of Jesus he repented for his doubts and started to believe in Jesus and never turned back since then. He is known to be the only apostle to have seen and touched Jesus after he had risen from death. Also he endured the same fate as Jesus. St. Thomas is first said to have landed in Kerala around the year 52 A.D during Chera Regime. Even today Kerala, orthodox Christians follow the ideals and Christian principles by passing them from generation to generation in families by St.Thomas. They consider him to be their great grandfather. At Kerala he had build seven and half churches. The half church is a church where the work was left half way by St.Thomas. His impact with people in Kerala is considered to be huge. It is considered that Cheras in Kerala supported him greatly. After travelling whole India, St.Thomas came to south India to Mylapore. St. Thomas had the support of the King Mahadevan which was not like by his priest, ministers and other men. They hired an assassin to kill St. Thomas. St. Thomas sought refuge in a cave in little mount. Later he was chased by assassins to St. Thomas mount. The little mount and St. Thomas mount are about 4 and 6 miles from Santhome. It is in this St. Thomas mount where the assassins stabbed him brutally while he was praying. St. Thomas is said to have carved a stone cross while taking refuge little mount. There are legends that this stone cross bled several times in 19th century. His body was then buried by King Mahadeven at Santhome where currently the tomb stands.

The three places Santhome, Little Mount and St. Thomas mount are three important pilgrimage places in Chennai for Christians. Santhome was found by St. Thomas, Little Mount is where St. Thomas sought refuge and St. Thomas mount was where he suffered and died. An interesting note about these places is they are situated in straight line making an angle of 30 degree from equator.

Though there may be many legends about the miracles performed by St. Thomas, overall he was a great human being who helped many people from various distress and ailments by means of his faith. Unless a person does something good for people no one would remember him. Even without religious perspective he was a good human being with kindness in heart and has brought about many reforms in the society back then. India is country of value and culture, we live with faith and have various legends and many religions. The legend of St. Thomas is one among them.