Sarangapani Temple Of the many temples in Kumbakonam, the most striking is the Lord Sarangapani Temple, a Vaishnavite temple. This famous Pancha ranga kshetra is in the midst of the busy market place. Before the Sri Rangam Temple gopuram (tower) was built, this temple used to hold the place for the tallest Temple Tower in South Asia. This twelve storied 147 feet (45 m) high temple was built by the Nayak Kings during the 15th century. History has it in Vedas; Sage Brugu came to Vaikunda to test the patience and tolerance quality of Lord Vishnu by hitting on His chest. Lord did not prevent the sage nor grew angry against him. But simply smiled. Mother Lakshmi asked the Lord how He could allow another male to touch Her also while hitting Him as the chest of Lord is Her home. The sage fell at the feet of Mother Lakshmi and said that he was given the job of finding a God so soft in nature for conducting a Yagna to whom it was to be dedicated. I hit Lord for this test and meant no motives. He also begged Mother that she should be born his daughter. Mother Lakshmi happily blessed the sage. She promised the sage to leave Lord for him and advised him to take on penance to realise his wish. The sage performed penance in Kumbakonam and found Mother on the Hema Pushkarini Theertha on a Lotus. He took the child and named Her Komalavalli. He gave his daughter to Perumal in a grand wedding. Perumal came to wed Mother holding a bow-Sarnga, hence is praised as Lord Sarangapani. The place thus is revered as the Avatar Sthala-birthplace of Mother Komalavalli-Lakshmi.

Sarangapani is believed to have appeared for sage Hemarishi. The temple has six daily rituals at various times from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and twelve yearly festivals on its calendar. The temple chariot festival is the most prominent festival of the temple, celebrated during the Tamil month of Chittirai (March–April). The twin temple chariots are the third largest in Tamil Nadu, each weighing 300 tonnes (660,000 lb).