Sri Sita Rama Bhavani Sankara Temple This temple is situated at Solaiyappan Street on the banks of the Cauvery river (Nangam Thirunal Padithurai). This private temple is supposed to be more than 200 years old built by Achalpuram Shri.Lakshmana shrowthigal’s (great scholar of Krishna Yajur Veda) son Indore Shri.Suba Rao Dravid. In this temple deities are Sri Rama, Shiva (Sankara) in the form of Ghana lingam and Parvathi (Bhavani) are in separate sannithis. Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and hanuman are made of marbles. This Ramar (called Solaiappan Agraharam Ramaswamy) is one of the twelve deities in the Akshaya thirthi celebrations in Kumbakonam. This temple was managed by Late.Smt. Rajalakshmi(Ramarkoil Rajalakshmi Ammal, daughter of late Shri.Subba Rao Dravid) till 2013 & currently managed by her family. This temple is a good shiva Vishnu temple on the banks of Cauvery river. Several Hindu religious saints use to come here to do chaturmasya. Great His Holiness paramhmasa Anandagiri Swamigal stayed in this temple did his tapas and puja for quite a number of times and got information at the entrance of the temple to travel to Thiruviyaru to attain Mukti. Similarly, he did and attained Mukti at Thiruviyaru. Hanuman in this temple has a knife, gatha, bow, arrow at back and japamala in his hand doing Rama Japam, Rama with jadamudi and knife (valkaram) at hip and marauri (dress) and kothdhandam in his hand.