Subramaniyaswami Temple Marudamalai is a popular 12th century hill temple dedicated god Murugan, It is considered as 7 House of Lord Murugan. Like most Murugan temples, the temple is situated upon a hillock, here the glory of Vel is elaborately sung by Saint Arunagirnathar in his celebrated Kandar Alankaram. When one is left in the lurch by all relatives and his/her possessions, the one constant companion protecting the soul is Vel, emphasizes the saint.  Vel is the symbol of wisdom and the worshipper is gifted with vast knowledge of philosophies. It would be relevant to recall the lines of Subranya Bhjangam of Acharya Sri Adi Sankara that no evil would dare come close to a Vel devotee. Miracle Based: The Vel installed in the sanctum sanctorum is 6.75 feet tall with Pancha Bhoodha symbols engraved in the stem part. A hole is made in the vidhana so that natural light may fall on the Vel for a happy darshan of the devotees. The Mandap of the temple is designed with six corners representing the six letter mantra of Lord Muruga.