Tamilnadu Tourism has Javadu Hills is located at an altitude averaging between 3,600–3,800 feet and 75 Km away from Tiruvannamalai, on the Northwestern Part and forms a part of Eastern Ghats. The cliffs and precipices of hills allure and excite tourists. Beema falls, Komutteri Lake, Kavalur Observatory, Amirthi Forest and the Glass House are some places of interest on this hill zone.

Beema Falls is 5Km from Jamunamarathur. Water is available in these falls for almost 8 months in a year. Majority loves to bathe here when the flow is less as they find it as an enjoyable experience.

Komutteri Lake is the biggest lake in the Javadhu hills and also called as Kolappan Lake. Boating facilities were introduced to attract tourists. An artificial [manmade] island in the centre of the lake finds tourists throng this place for leisure.

Kavalur Observatory It is 11 Km from Jamunamarathur near the Vellore border. This is the biggest observatory in Asia under the control of Government of India. Astronomy, Stargazing and research on stars are the main activities of this observatory. Scientists from all over the country and abroad visit this research centres for their studies. Computer controlled Big telescope attracts the tourists in numbers and strength.

Glass House Melpattu Village Constructed during the British rule is located at Melpattu village, the highest peak of Javadhu hills. There is an Herbal Farm set up and maintained by the Forest Department. Cave like stone Age Houses found at Kilseppili-Valparai are more than 5000 years old are the stunning attraction of all time.