A Serene and Pristine Mountain range, located in the Central Tamil Nadu, on the Eastern Ghat, 55 Kms from Namakkal, located at a height of 1370 m. It is 28 Kms long north-south and 19 Kms wide east-west, the entire block covers an area of almost 440 Square KM. It runs almost parallel to the east coast of South India. The tallest peak is Vettakaramalai and it rises up to 4663 feet. A view of Kolli Hills, from the plain of Namakkal, will look like a flat-topped table. It retains almost all of its nature because it is not encroached by the Commercial Trespassers. That ghat road with 70 hairpin bends takes the tourists to the hills. The government reserve forests are seen in Ariyur, Puliyan Solai, Selur and Vazhavandhi Nadu. An area of 200 hectares is in the process of reforestation. Aiyar, Varattar are the major rivers that travel through the hills. Legend Ramayanam mentioned this as Madhuvanam (Honey Forest) in the epic. Kolli Malai attracts one and all for its natural beauty. Tigers and Elephants which were once common in it are now extinct only small animals such as Black Bears, Hares, Porcupines, and Wild Dogs are seen. Jack Fruit, Guava, Hill Banana, Pineapple, Pepper, Coffee, Cardamom, Tapioca, Honey are the main agricultural producers.

Aagaya Gangai (Waterfalls) The main attraction of Kolli Hills. One has to climb down (and back) 1302 steps to reach the falls. The steps are steep and can get very tiring. It takes approximately 30 mins to climb down to the falls and 1 hr to climb up back.

Arapaleeswarar Temple main deity is Lord Shiva which is located right opposite the Akash Ganga falls. The temple is quite old with some history attached to it. In olden days, the temple area was an agricultural land. Once, when a farmer ploughed the land, he found blood oozing out. Surprisingly, he found a Shivalinga. Pujas began to the Lord. The scar caused by the plough injury is still visible on the head part of the Shivalinga. This is a significant feature in the head part of the Shivalinga.

Botanical Gardens This place is an ideal spot for loitering around with kids. Botanical Garden is another place of importance in Kollimalai. It is situated three kilometres away from Semmedu formed at the old TAMPCOL site. This garden has a Park, Eco-friendly cottages, Rose Garden, Herbal Park and a viewpoint. The Children’s park is situated just above the fountain in the Botanical Garden with statues of animals, see-saw, wave slide, deluxe circular swing, merry go round, etc are in the Children`s park.

Ettukai Amman Temple is an ancient temple located in the Kolli hills in Namakkal District of Tamil Nadu. This ancient and powerful deity is known as Kolli Paavai of Ettukkai Amman. The small temple attracts numerous pilgrims on Amavasai or no moon days. According to the legend, the sages choose this peaceful place for their meditation and penance. However, they were disturbed and disrupted by the demons.  So they prayed to Kolli Paavai who chased the demons with her enchanting smile and killed them.Kolli Malai is a small mountain range near Namakkal of Tamil Nadu. Literally, it means “Mountain of death”. There is a famous Shiva temple on the top of Kollimalai called “Arapaleeswarar Temple”. There is a lot of references to this mountain in ancient Tamil Literature. There is a belief that, this place was connected to the Great philanthropist Val Vil Ori in the ancient times.  It is believed that in Kolli Malai large number of herbs and medicines, grow and lot more are buried in caves and pits in the mountains. It is believed that many saints and Siddhas are doing penance on the top of the mountain. The famous Saint Gorakh Nath is supposed to have his cave on this mountain. These saints requested the Asura architect Maya to make an idol which would attract all bad people and kill them and they called the idol, “The maid of death.”As soon as that idol gets the scent of bad people or asuras, it seems she attracts them by her smile and kills them. But the priest of the temple says that Kolli Paavai is the Goddess providing protection to all the villagers in that area.  He anoints the idol with sandal paste and then runs and jumps all around her shouting and also dances, then he shows the camphor Light to the Kolli Paavai, wears in a trance a wooden sandal with three inch long nails and sharp iron pieces and answers all the questions posed by the devotees of the Goddess. After getting rid of the trance, he gives Prasada of sacred ash to all her devotees. People believed that the Siddhas, who come to collect rare medicinal herbs from the mountain, first take permission from Kolli Paavai, and then they will go and collect the herbs, bring them back and take permission of Kolli Paavai to use them. They believed that the full effect of the herbs collected could be experienced only if they follow this method.On the way to this temple is a village called Poonthottam (Flower garden). Four km from this village is the mysterious Kollipavai temple. Literally, the name means, “Maiden of death”. She is not in a temple but in a hut with palm leaf roof. This hut does not have any doors also She has a very enigmatic smile that attracts all. This idol also has eight hands and is also called Ettu Kai Amman (Goddess with eight hands). It seems there are references to this Goddess in Silappadikaram, one of the ancient Tamil epic. The idol is always covered with sandal paste. The anointing of the idol by sandal paste is done by her priest behind a curtain.

Sikku Parai This is a view point. This is a very small place. One can get a very beautiful view of the valley from this spot. This spot is also called the “suicide point” by the locals.