Yelagiri or Elagiri is a small hill station located in between the towns of Vaniyambadi and Jolarpettai (Tamil Nadu, India). The hill station dates back to the British colonial days. “The Whole of Yelagiri was once the private property of the Yelagiri Zamindar Family. It was taken over by the government of India during the Early 1950s. The house of the Yelagiri Zamindars still exists in Reddiyur.” Fr. Francis Guezou of Don Bosco worked for the uplift of hill tribals. He has been the main reason for the educational upliftment of the people of Yelagiri. Located at an altitude of 1,110.6 metres above Mean Sea Level and spread across 30 Square KM, the Yelagiri village is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys.

Yelagiri Hills… easily the top flying destination in South India where thermals are friendly and cloud base is easy to reach (an XC haven). Oodles of height to practice across in the ridge soaring conditions and loads of airtime to clock. Way to go… Bangalore or Chennai are just a 3-hour drive away. Flying site – Take-off height is at approx. 2000 ft AGL. West take – off, huge clearing, nice gradual slope, easy take – off & large expanse of a landing area.

The Vainu Bappu Observatory (VBO) is located in the picturesque neighbourhood of the village of Kavalur in the Javadi Hills, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Established in the 1970s, VBO hosts the 1m Carl Zeiss Telescope, the 1.3m J.C. Bhattacharya Telescope (JCBT) and the 2.3m Vainu Bappu Telescope (VBT)

Jalagamparai waterfalls are one of the important tourist spots in Yelagiri Hills to visit. The river Attaru which is a seasonal river passes through the Yelagiri Hills valley and falls vertically from a height of about 15 meters.  The waterfall is situated in an isolated place and is not crowded most of the time. The best time to visit the Jalagamparai waterfalls is from November to January as the water from the North East Monsoon rains will ensure that there is water in the waterfalls. This waterfall is very near to the Jalagamparai Temple which is an important temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The trek to the Jalagamparai Falls can be an adventurous one! One can be assured of the rural presence in the area, with the goats trekking along with tourists, to reach their village farms. The other wildlife found around the Jalagamparai Falls is monkeys and snakes. On reaching the falls, one must be careful of the slippery rocks along the cascade. Jalagamparai is seasonal falls and their main source is the excess rain water collected in the River Attaru. However, the excessive frequency of visitors has exposed the area to human drawbacks such as littering the area around the cascade.

Nature park, a famous and alluring hill station in Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu is spread over an area of 12 acres. The park is situated near to the Punganoor Lake.The park is the best destination for all ages of people and provides a feeling of relaxation and stunning environment. It consists of diversified and enormous numbers of flora. There are a number of things such as artificial cascade or the waterfall, children’s park, a musical fountain with multi-coloured lighting, fish aquarium, seasonal garden, bamboo house, poly house and much more to engage kids and even elders for a long time.