Vadapalani Murugan Temple Is dedicated to lord Murugan. The temple was built in 1920 and the rajagopuram was built in the same period of time. The temple has been popular due to frequent local movie actor’s visit. Built about 125years back legend says, one Murugan devotee by the name Annaswami Mayakar with his limited means built a small thatched hut kept a Murugan painting for his personal worship primarily, during his meditation and worship he used to experience some divine power entering his body and inspired him to utter some mysterious words, whatever he said in his trance was found true, his utterance went by the name of “arulvakku” which relived people from their ailment and diseases, gradually people started visiting him for jobs, marriages and know good fortune etc. hence the temple was built and today it is one of the most frequently visited Murugan shrine in the city of Chennai.