Vanabadrakali Amman worship and the temple came into being in this place millenniums back, it is believed.  It is also believed that Mother Shakti came to this jungle place-Vana for penance on Lord Shiva to kill demon Mahishasura.  As She performed penance in Vana the forest, She is praised as Vanabadrakali.  It is also believed that the temple is associated with the story of Aravalli-Suravalli the deities of witchcrafts.  Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers came here to end their evil doings, captivated by them and rescued by Lord Krishna.  It is said that one Allimuthu was deputed by Lord Krishna to banish the evil sisters.  Allimuthu went on his mission after praying to Goddess Vanabadrakali. Aravalli and Suravalli were shocked and trembled to see the roaring actions of Allimuthu, they surrendered and offered their sister to Allimuthu in marriage and killed him by food poisoning.  Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna went to the upper world and brought back Allimuthu alive back to earth. It is said that Aravalli, Suravalli, Veeravalli along with their 7 Sisters ruled this area long back. They belonged to Reddy Community and were experts in Witchcraft. They were very powerful and were not conquered by any other rulers in that region. Many of them died in the war against these Sisters and some of them were taken as prisoners. The Pandavas and Dhuriyodhanas belong to this Era and were ruling in their own areas. Lord Krishna narrated the details of the Aravalli Sisters, their valor and witchcraft to the Pandavas and requested them to wage war against these Aravalli Sisters. On conquering the Aravalli Sisters, the Pandavas visited the Vanabadrakali Amman Temple and offered their prayers and returned to their own place. The Palvarisai was renamed as “Valamma” and got married to Allimuthu. With the blessings of the Goddess Vanabadrakali Amman, the newly married couple lived a happy life for a long time.