Vedanthangal Lake is at an altitude of 122 m. This Bird Sanctuary established in 1858 in an area of 70 acres is protected area located in the Kanchipuram District 85 kms from Chennai. The peak season period between November To March attracts thousands of birds like: Darter, Grebes, Egrets, White Ibis, Garganey Teals, Grey Pelican, Grey Heron, Siberian Painted Storks, Spoonbill and Spot Bill Duck from different parts of the globe visit and breed here More than 40,000 birds (including 26 rare species), from various parts of the world visit the sanctuary during the migratory season every year. Gudiyam Caves [85 kms] It is 10 kms from the Poondi Dam. Robert Bruce Foote, a British geologist, discovered a stone hand axe of Stone Age man in 1863– it opened up research about the 1,00,000 years Paleolithic Age antiquity of this region.