Vekkali Amman Temple is an important pilgrimage centre, and an erstwhile seat of the Cholas. The temple is unique in that the shrine of the presiding deity has no roof. Legend has it that Goddess Vekkali Amman saved the people of Tirchy from sand storm and torrential rain, and told her devotees to not build a roof over her shrine until every person living there had shelter. Daily pooja are performed here, while special pooja are done on Tuesdays and Fridays when devotees from across the city throng the shrine. There is a very interesting folklore associated with the north facing idol of Goddess Vekkali Amman. Idols of deities who personify valor and chivalry, and face north are believed to bless the king with victory in war. And so, the Chola kings first visited this shrine to pray to Vekkali Amman and seek her blessings before heading to the battle field. Mother Vekkali Amman graces majestically sitting on a Yoga Peeta facing north. She is holding trident, Udukkai, the rope-pasam and Akshaya Patra (a vessel from which food would be constantly flowing to feed all beings) in her four hands. Bangles, Mangalsutra, pearl chain, necklace and crown on the head are shining on her form. Her left leg is on the demon and the right bent.